Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sorel and 'Sorelismo' (via Mark)

Looking forward to our meeting tomorrow, Mark has kindly unearthed an enlightening essay on Sorel's appropriation by the Fascists in Italy: 'The Roots of Italian Fascism: Sorel and Sorelismo' by Jack J. Roth.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Meeting: 24th January

The reading for our next meeting on Tuesday 24th January, 5 pm, is:

Georges Sorel, 'Letter to Daniel Hal√©vy' (from Reflections on Violence)
Pierro Gobetti, 'Our Faith' (from On Liberal Revolution)

Photocopies of these texts are now available from my pigeon-hole (marked 'C. Hadjiyiannis') in the secretaries' office, 6th floor, David Hume Tower.

In the meantime, a good introductory essay to Gobetti's brand of liberalism can be found here. And here's Jennings' introduction to Sorel's Reflections on Violence, providing useful information on the context of Sorel's work and on the author's philosophical influences, etc.